About Us

There is something profound about stumbling upon a great idea. The first patent for a scooter was filed in 1921. You can compare and see that a scooter is still as scooter...almost!

The original formula for the performance scooter in this design was to create a 'low impact running assist machine'. That name was too long for the frame so we call it a Footbike instead.

Since the performance scooter was introduced, it has quickly been adopted by athletes, coaches, strength trainers, runners, cyclists, and sports rehabilitation centers around the world.

The scooter is also the delight of many families and those wanting to add a little spice to their workouts. You don't have to go fast, or change your clothes, or change the fit of the scooter with each user to get the most out of your Footbike.

The guys behind this company, and our team of reckless kickers, are just like all of us. We found the scooter to save the lives that used to allow 6 hour rides. Now most of those rides are fulfilled by a better balance with our families, and many 1 hour sprints around the neighborhood on our scooters!

We at FootbikeUSA are pleased to bring you a website dedicated to growing the sport and honoring our company mission statement.

We promise to deliver with conviction a scooter to everyone in North America whether they want one or not, because we have to start somewhere.

FootbikeUSA - Just Kick It™



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