My personal discovery of the footbike was never intended to be a testimonial. I had one thing in mind when I stumbled upon this thing, and it went like this:

My lifelong cycling lifestyle was sputtering with a growing family and the changes that come with it, including 63lbs on my body that didn’t belong.

I found the Footbike by accident while surfing the internet and dreaming about getting out and riding again. After reading about these adult performance scooters on some European websites, I knew that I was going to be getting into something that was going be like all of the sports I like. My wife thought so too and had one delivered for our 1st Anniversary.

So 5 years later I like to say that I have ‘accidentally’ lost 46lbs. I know this isn’t a miracle weight loss record. However, it happened by chasing my kids around the neighborhood, going out after dinner to blow off steam, wanting to get strong enough to head out of town and back, all of this just because it was fun. I never felt like I was working out, just ‘goin’ for a scoot’ and look what happened!

My kids are happier and healthier. My wife loves her ‘new’ man, I feel like I am 8 years old on my Footbike, and everything else is just right like it should be.

Thanks again from Arnold S., MI

An exerpt from Alan Stewart, owner of 6 Australian footbike records including longest distance in one day, 150 miles .....

..... now when someone asks me "What is it?" I call it a footbike. I don't go into any other explanation like... it is sorta like a scooter and sorta like a bike and sorta like a skateboard. It stands on it's own. It needs no identity comparisons. It is unique, slick, cool and sexy. It is used by the fittest, most elite athletes on the planet. It is a Footbike. I am a Footbiker and our sport is footbiking.

Below is an excellent testimonial from a customer that we actually edited to make it shorter....!

I started running in 2007 and really enjoyed it. A couple of years ago I fell while running in the dark and a knee injury prevented me from running more than 4 or 5 miles without considerable pain. As a budding distance runner this really took the wind out of my sails. One day while surfing the internet I found the Footbike and said to myself, "I've got to try one of those; that looks like a blast!". A couple of months later my wife surprised me with my own Christmas Footbike!

So at 50 years of age I started my footbiking career. I have been riding it 3 to 4 times a week ever since, never missing a chance to kick in over 4 months now. I took some advice from footbikers around the world on the Footbike Facebook Group and started out slowly, only adding minutes per day until my body began to adapt to this new motion. It's an unbelievable workout. Even though I started in good shape, I could only sustain 10 minute workouts those first few days. Now I have slowly built up to a point where I go for 8 to 12 miles at a good pace and have a great time doing it.

I am getting stronger every week. My quads and glutes have gotten so much stronger and my quads are bigger now than when I was sprinting in high school. I figured out the numbers one day; in a 40 minute ride it is like doing 1600 shallow reverse lunges, 800 on each leg! And, I am having no trouble with my knee. One of the greatest benefits to me is the strenghthening of my lower back. I sit at a desk at my job and for the last several years I've always had a back ache at the end of the day. That rarely happens now. That's a big deal to me. I tell nearly everyone about it. I've invited people over to my house to try it out. My boss is even trying to get some scratch together to buy one. This is the best exercise equipment investment I have ever made; and it is hard to call it that because I am just having fun!

D. Campbell
Nampa, Idaho

Joe in Ohio hooked me up with my first Footbike! It is so-so much fun! Just like you said, "We Just Kick It!".

Love, Frosty




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