Footbike Track

State of the art design in footbikes. The Track model is as fast as you want it to be! Trim out your machine like our team Captain and race for the podium. This aluminum frame design is a great foundation to customize your machine for your needs. Ski Training, Velodrome Training, Runners, Cross Trainers, Fitness, Triathletes, Endurance Trainers, the Track model can be fitted to perform at each of these tasks. Available in Electric Pink ONLY!

Footbike Track









 Price: $550.00


The Lama

We are very pleased to be able to offer you this exceptional 'Frame Only' platform from Lama. If you have read this far you already know what you are looking for. Race proven, distance proven, and off-road proven in many different builds. This is the opportunity to create the machine that works for you. Don't delay, get a Lama now and get it together!                           

(photo shown a distance race design by customer 2012).

Price: $450.00 (frame only)

The Lama frames are built to order. To order contact us via email and we can transact and discuss delivery.



Specifically you are looking at the MIBO Master. From the Czech Republic you will find solid craftmanship on a proven platform in a design that can be folded! 


Price: $710.00


The Traczer Arrow

Designed with dog mushing in mind, the Traczer line of carts and scooters are truly field tested. The Arrow is offroad ready includes the lash ready ring welded to the head tube. There is a waiting list for the Traczer, and the specifications have options. These are custom made machines, so be ready to wait!


Price: $775.00


The Effendi-Agresti USA

Are you already kicking and eager to be on a state-of-the art machine? The frame and fork only configuration will start at $1300 with the color of your choice. The waiting list is long for this one too. While you are waiting for yours to be built, you can save this photo in your album! Frame choices of 700x700, 700x20, and 20x20.


 Price $1300.00 (Frame and Fork Only)